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The redwoods are calling…

The redwoods are calling and I must go… And not just for a hike. I’m feeling a magnetic pull towards the trees, towards quiet friendly streets, towards community, towards open space, towards fresh air. Ya see, I’ve never ever considered myself a city girl. I’ve always been the nature/outdoorsy/mountain girl. So, why, you probably ask, […]

Mexico: The Chiapas jungle

The Mexico adventures continue… After a few days of hanging out in the interior of the Yucatan peninsula, I headed out towards the Mexican state of Chiapas for a few days of fun in the jungle! And I’m talking jungle, like wet, lush, tropical, green, buggy, prone-to-flooding jungle. The state of Chiapas is located in […]

Mexico Photo Essay: Inland Yucatan

My inland route through the Yucatan included the cute, colonial town of Valladolid, the bustling capital city of Merida, and a spontaneous side trip to the Uxmal ruins. It was a brief 3 day whirlwind visit through the heart of the peninsula, bookended by time on the Caribbean coast and a jaunt through the Chiapas […]

South America Photo Essay: Patagonia

I traveled around South America for 5 months in 2011. It had been one of my life goals to hike around Patagonia so I made that a priority of the trip. I spent about 3 weeks exploring southern Patagonia at the very beginning of my trip (late January-mid February). And after all the “go-go-go” hiking […]

South America Photo Essay: Southwest Bolivia

In 2011, I spent 5 months traveling around South America. I started in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and ended in Quito, Ecuador. It was epic. 

Photo Essay: Spring Wildflowers

I am constantly reminded of why I call the San Francisco Bay Area home. The Bay has been my “home” base for almost 8 years. And for oh so many good reasons…