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The redwoods are calling…

The redwoods are calling and I must go… And not just for a hike. I’m feeling a magnetic pull towards the trees, towards quiet friendly streets, towards community, towards open space, towards fresh air. Ya see, I’ve never ever considered myself a city girl. I’ve always been the nature/outdoorsy/mountain girl. So, why, you probably ask, […]

Mexico Photo Essay: Inland Yucatan

My inland route through the Yucatan included the cute, colonial town of Valladolid, the bustling capital city of Merida, and a spontaneous side trip to the Uxmal ruins. It was a brief 3 day whirlwind visit through the heart of the peninsula, bookended by time on the Caribbean coast and a jaunt through the Chiapas […]

On Fear and Exploring Life

A very personal post this week. It just kinda came out. Been thinking about fear a lot lately… Its presence in my life was a bit much last week causing me to feel a bit off-kilter. It seems like there is a fine line between having a healthy amount of fear that encourages you to […]

Mexico: That epic travel moment (and its significance)

I’m in paradise, I thought as I sat on the white sand beach under a palm tree staring at the turquoise blue water with hardly another soul around. A large pelican snaps up a fish, a nice sea breeze blows in, the sun is shining. It’s warm in the sun, cool in the shade, and […]

Today I turn 34

My birthday falls just a few days after the turn of the calendar year so as often the case when I face another birthday, I also naturally reflect back on the past calendar year as well. So long 2013 and hello 2014! Happy New Year!   Today I turn 34. When I think back on […]

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Before flying across the country to the East Coast in late October to visit my parents, I had prepared myself well for the long flight… healthy snacks, check! Reading material, check! Laptop with downloaded documentary (on the John Muir Trail), check! Pen and paper, check! But instead of resorting to external entertainment, I got lost […]

A summer of local travel

Happy Fall!  It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall around here. Our Indian summer is fading, and there’s a crisp breeze blowing in from the ocean. I enjoy this time of year, this narrow slice of time (usually in mid to late October) when the weather noticeably changes to cooler temps. When it’s time […]