About Me


Based in the San Francisco Bay area, I write about my adventures in the Bay and across the world.

I write to share my experiences of discovering new places, trying new things, and making connections around the globe. I hope to entertain with my stories and perhaps be a resource for fellow travelers who are trip planning. Most importantly though, I write my stories from the heart. This is how I experience the world. This is the real me.

I am a budding photographer and always practicing! I’ll be using this site to showcase photo essays from some of my destinations.

My more recent international travels so far include short-term trips in Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. In 2011, I quit my job and traveled around South America for 5 months visiting Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador.

I’ve traveled extensively throughout the United States as well. Born in Florida to a Dutch mother and an American father, I grew up mostly in Colorado and Arkansas. I’ve lived in California now for over 10 years, and I make annual trips to the East Coast to visit my parents and extended family living in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. I’ve road tripped around the American Southwest and the Pacific Northwest and I frequently road trip around my adopted home state of California.

I’ve been an explorer for as long as I can remember. From an early age, my parents instilled in me an appreciation for the natural world and the priceless value of travel. There’s a big beautiful world out there just waiting to be explored! The thrill and challenge of setting out into the unknown not knowing exactly what will happen (no matter how much I try to plan it!) or what I’ll learn next is what motivates me to keep on going on. It’s about the journey which is usually more important than the destination.

I live to explore life!

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