Reflections and Intentions

I didn’t write much in this space in the last year, but I always take some time to reflect on the past year and share some of my intentions for the next. That’s you, 2016!

If I could sum up 2015 in 8 words, it would be “out with the old, in with the new”.

This was a constant theme for me as I shed old ideas, old possessions, and old emotional reactions (or at least worked really hard to) – to make way for the new. New directions, new awareness, and even a new car! This was a year of incredible personal growth and going within to find, honor, and celebrate my true Self.

In going within, I became a little more guarded on what I shared out here. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all. This self-discovery and shifting of old thought patterns is a constant work in progress.

Some days, I feel bright with light as I navigate through life with calm positivity, let go of expectations, and ground myself in the present moment, completely content. Other days, I find myself reverting to my old reactions and negative thoughts and that’s okay as long as I’m gentle with myself, knowing it’s okay to feel like I’m not okay at times. It’ll pass.  

And so I reflect back to the highlights and events from 2015 that stand out, propelling me forward into 2016. 

  • I started 2015 off by participating in the Journey to Shine e-retreat: a three month “e-retreat” of transformation and healing hosted by my good friend, Sarah, and the absolute spark plug to my self-discovery process and personal growth this year

  • In February, I received a work promotion that changed my entire trajectory for the year. Suddenly, it was the right thing to do to stay with my current employer, dive into another busy summer season, and dedicate my time and energy into the growth of the “little tour company that could” because in the end, it’s hard work, but the rewards are great, the team camaraderie lifts me up, and 11 months later, I still love my job and working there. Going on 4 years next week!

  • I finally moved out of the City in April! One of the best decisions of my life. I am so much happier living in the quiet beach town of Pacifica instead of the Big City. This move prompted a huge purging of old possessions and I feel so much lighter because of it. 


Looking down on Pacifica from Montara Mountain

  • Watching the US women’s national soccer team win the World Cup: um, yeah, I’m including this because it was such an entertaining time watching this group of bad-ass women win the whole damn thing. And sports really does bring people together. 

  • In August, I celebrated 10 years of living in the Bay and reflected on all the crazy decisions and events creating this journey in my adopted home.

  • In September, my dear old Sierra (my 1996 Toyota Corolla) failed a required smog test, it was the final straw in a growing list of costly issues, so after 12 years (yes, 12!!!) of some epic road adventures together, I said farewell to Sierra and upgraded to a sleek new 2008 Honda Fit (who has yet to be named). I’ve never felt so sentimental about saying goodbye to a chunk of metal.


The new Honda Fit! To many fun road trips ahead!

  • This fall I decided to take my martial arts training to a deeper level. For the past year or so I had been blocking out parts of my practice that were too hard, too scary, and too uncomfortable. But I decided to show up this fall and open up a dialogue with my fears. It’s still scary, but I can’t wait to see where this openness leads me in 2016. I’m forever grateful for my Quantum community and the unique mind-body-spirit connection that I experience through my training.

  • Just a few weeks ago, I returned from a 2 week trip to Mexico. It was part family vacation, part visiting friends, and part solo retreat. I plan to write much more about this trip someday, but what has me thinking the most about future travel into 2016 is that I’d like to find a retreat to attend rather than trying to create my own. Solo travel has been a huge confidence-booster for me over the years and allows all kinds of flexibility, but what I seek more of moving forward is to connect more deeply within an assembled community. I’ve never been on an in-person wellness-type retreat before, I wonder if 2016 will be the year for it. We shall see.


Ah, the Mexican riviera!

One of my intentions for 2016 is to find more local community. I have some very good people in my life, but I crave the kind of connection that comes from a community that meets regularly, witnessing first-hand the growth of all and being a steady support system. It seems like the Bay Area would be ripe for this, but I find that trying to meet people organically outside of my bubble is a challenge indeed. I’m looking into all sorts of groups and classes… challenge accepted.

2015 was all about finding my “Self” and that work continues, but for 2016, it’s about finding my local tribe, fellow women on that path of self-discovery who are also willing and wanting to share their journey.  

For what feels like a first in a pretty long time, I find myself not seeking out any major change for the coming year. I’m happy with my job, with my house, with my town. I am feeling content for the most part.

So the major theme for me going into 2016 is to “keep on keeping on”. Keep on learning, growing, exploring, meditating, working, laughing, crying, feeling, connecting. All of it. It’s all part of this amazing journey and this path just keeps leading me to brighter and brighter days.

Happy New Year!


The sun sets on 2015. Welcome 2016!

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  1. Lovely to find self (a beautiful one at that). Keep on growing and find that “community”. I am so proud of you. Much love, Oma

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