Monthly Archives: February 2014

On Fear and Exploring Life

A very personal post this week. It just kinda came out. Been thinking about fear a lot lately… Its presence in my life was a bit much last week causing me to feel a bit off-kilter. It seems like there is a fine line between having a healthy amount of fear that encourages you to […]

Mexico: The Misadventures

Every trip has them… those moments when something goes a little awry or something unexpected happens that may not seem all that funny or amusing at the time, but provides a good story to be laughed at later. Yes, I definitely had some of these moments while in Mexico. In fact, I didn’t even make […]

Mexico: That epic travel moment (and its significance)

I’m in paradise, I thought as I sat on the white sand beach under a palm tree staring at the turquoise blue water with hardly another soul around. A large pelican snaps up a fish, a nice sea breeze blows in, the sun is shining. It’s warm in the sun, cool in the shade, and […]